‘Om’ Universe Children’s Silver Necklace
Solid Silver 'Universe' Om Necklace

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Price: £49


£1 from every sale is donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital for children
The sacred ‘om’ universe symbol, on a 16 inch silver chain.

This ancient ‘om' symbolises the SOUND of the universe (the mystical background ‘om’ humming noise that the universe is said to make – also chanted during meditation). The om amulet is thought to have universal energy that protects its wearer and brings good luck.

Each necklace arrives in a white velvet pouch inside a heavy, satin-lined jewellery box - gift-wrapped in soft tissue paper and tied with a ribbon.

This necklace can worn by a child or adult.

925 sterling silver (1.5cm)
Exclusively by Saffron Bells