Our story


The ‘Oh my goodness, where did you GET them from?!’ questions were non-stop, from the moment we put a pair of traditional Thai baby-anklets on our very own Miss Saffron. Popping them around her ankles a few weeks after her birth, we had no idea what was about to happen. People started to stop us in the street and to tap our shoulders in cafes, desperate to find out where our silver baby bracelets were from.

We loved the fuss Saffron’s bells were kicking up. And we treasured the unexpected beauty of being able to hear her every movement. But it wasn’t until another several months later (as yet another person stopped in their tracks and gasped at her anklets) that we had the face-palm light bulb moment. We knew we had to share these incredible anklets with the world; that they would make the most wonderful birth, 1st birthday and christening gifts – and as wrist bracelets too. And as such, we are thrilled, delighted and a little bit obsessed with the fact that we introduced the expandable Thai baby-anklet to the UK – and the award-winning Saffron Bells e-mporium was born.

Fast-forward to today and Saffron Bells has expanded from a tiny silver twinkle in our eye to the world’s only luxury baby-anklet brand; selling through over 40 countries around the globe. Little Miss Saffron, who wore her original pair of anklets every day of her first two years, has since upgraded them to her chubby wrists. Meanwhile, Little Miss Scarlett, aged eight, wears hers as bracelets. And finger hula hoops. And thumb tambourines…

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