Top 5 Girls’ Christening Gifts – Give The Most Unique Christening Present

So you’re attending a christening! And you need a girl’s gift! (Or maybe it’s a baptism. Who knows the difference between the two, anyway?) Whether you’re a godparent, grandparent, friend or family member, one thing’s for sure… The pressure is on to find the best girls’ christening gifts. Forget scrolling through pages of silver spoons, birth certificate holders (who on earth uses those?) and naff silver-plated piggy banks. We have curated THE most unusual collection of silver christening gifts for girls. ENJOY!



thai-baby-anklets1. Traditional Thai baby anklets 

In Thailand, these pretty anklets are traditionally given as good-luck gifts – because the jingling sound of bells is said to protect girls and boys from bad spirits. Worn as a single or as a pair, these expandable anklets have four cute bells that represent love, health, success and gratitude. As the orginal (and only!) luxury Thai baby-anklet brand, Saffron Bells are the only UKAS-approved (safety-tested) Thai-style anklets in the world. Age: 0-2 years; then afterwards as wrist bracelets.

PS: This anklet was sent to HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth


six-sided-locket2. Six-sided Memory Orb locket

This concertina locket has been described as a ‘beautiful family heirloom’ by TATLER magazine. Open it up to reveal six hidden photo chambers. Order some thumbrint-sized photos from websites such as Truprint or Photobox and fill this solid silver orb with newborn pictures or family photos. It comes in two sizes – large and extra large – and can be configured as either a four-sided or six-sided locket.

PS: The Memory Orb has been featured in VOGUE magazine


luxury-baby-bracelet3.) The luxury baby bracelet that fits for years!

Unlike tradtional teeny tiny baby bangles, this D-shaped christening bracelet can be worn until around the age of seven years old. With its delicate safety chain, this girls’ bangle is the thickest and most substantial we have ever seen – meaning it definitely makes the top 5 grade in our roundup of girls’ christening gifts!

PS: a portion of every sale is donated to Great Ormond Street children’s hospital


silver-om-necklace4.) ‘Om’ sound of the universe necklace

The ancient and sacred ‘om’ symbol is said to represent the ‘humming’ sound of the universe. (The same ‘om’ chanted in religious practices and meditation.) Worn for good luck, this solid silver om amulet is thought to protect its wearer – and can be worn by a child or adult alike.

PS: The om pendant arrives on a solid silver 16 inch chain



silver-candy-trinket-box5.) Yummy candy fortune box

This deliciously solid silver trinket box contains a stack of tiny hidden ‘wish cards’ inside. Good enough to eat, the fortune box is a super-cute alternative to the plethora of traditional ‘first lock of hair’ or ‘first tooth’ boxes out there. With its chunky design, this box is ideal for engraving – and has earned its spot in our top 5 girls’ christening gifts. Yum!

PS: This little sweetie also comes in an oval-shaped design